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Free Playstation 3 100% Legit!

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Everyone loves free things and here is your chance to get a FREE Playstation 3!!

This is 100% legit no catches to it at all. You are probably thinking "Yeah right" or "There is obviously a catch" but as i have said before there are no catches.

4 Easy Steps On How To Get Your Free Playstation 3

In order to start your journey to a free Playstation 3 you must obviously sign up. To do so click HERE. (UK Only)

You must enter your CORRECT information which is only your address. This is only for your Free Playstation delivery. Remember it must be your correct information or they will send your Free Playstation 3 to some other lucky person.

After signing up you need to complete an offer (I suggest LOVEFiLM. After the 14 day free trial stop your subscription and it will be free) Then when your offer has been confirmed you are done.

All you have to do now is refer people like your friends, work partners or anyone you know.

Don't worry all you have to do now is wait! Wait for your Free Playstation 3 to come through in the post!

Thats all you have to do!!! Easy or what! 100% safe 100% legit and 100% FREE!!


What do they get out of this?

You are probably thinking "Well what do they get out of this?" well here is how this system works:

The sites offering free stuff get a commission for every person that signs up for the free trials & offers.

For example lets call one of the sites offering you free stuff Site X:

Site X gets paid £25 for every person they get to sign up for blockbuster

Site X gets you to get 15 people to sign up for blockbuster on there behalf= £375

Site X sends you an Xbox360 worth £250

Site X profit = £125

Your profit = Xbox360 (and usually a months free DVD trial)
That’s it! That’s how it works Site X gets money because everyone that signs up for the offers does it through their link so they get commission and with the money they make they can afford to GIVE you a FREE Xbox360/PS3/ipod/TV etc.

(Info from Grab4Free)

It is easy fast and simple. So if you want your chance of getting your own Playstation 3 click HERE (UK Only) and you will be on your way to getting your own FREE Playstation 3

Thank you very much and i hope you will enjoy your Playstation 3